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Irrelevant conclusionFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Irrelevant conclusion,[1] also known as ignoratio elenchi (Latin for an ignoring of a refutation) or missing the point, is the informalfallacy of presenting an argument that may or may not be logically valid and sound, but (whose conclusion) fails to address the issue in question. It falls into the broad class of relevance fallacies.[2] Irrelevant conclusion should not be confused with formal fallacy, an argument whose conclusion does not follow from its premises.
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For the ethical argument that it is fallacious to define 'good' in terms of natural properties, see Naturalistic fallacy. An appeal to nature is an argument or rhetorical tactic in which it is proposed that "a thing is good because it is 'natural', or bad because it is 'unnatural'".[1] It can be a bad argument, because the implicit (unstated) primary premise "What is natural is good" typically is irrelevant, having no cogent meaning in practice, or is an opinion instead of a fact. In some philosophical frameworks where natural and good are clearly defined in a specific context, the appeal to nature might be valid and cogent.
Contents 1Forms2History3Examples4See also5References6External links Forms[edit]General form of this type of argument: That which is natural, is good.
N is natural.
Therefore, N is good or right.

That which is unnatural, is bad or wrong.
U is unna…

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