Science trivia and some not so trivial!

Science trivia and some not so trivial!



Why Doesn't The Vacuum Of Space Suck Up Earth's Atmosphere? via @forbes

"...Answer by M. Scott Veach, Television writer/producer, on Quora:

If space is a vacuum then why doesn't it suck in all the air from Earth's atmosphere? Actually, the answer to this is interesting.

While gravity is most certainly a real thing, the answer to this question is not “because gravity is stronger”.

The actual answer is that the vacuum of space does not exert any force on the atmosphere at all. It does not “suck” the air. We associate the word “suck” with “vacuums” but it’s a misnomer. That’s not what vacuums do.

Consider an example where we’ve pumped all of the air out of some box and created a vacuum inside of it. Let’s say we’re on Earth, at sea level, and we poke a hole in the box. What will happen?

Air will rush into the box and fill it. Okay. But why did it do that? Was it because the vacuum sucked the air into the box? No.

What’s actually happening there is that the air pressure around the box is forcing air into the space with no pressure. The air that fills the box is being pushed by air pressure into the empty space.
Vacuums never “suck” air. What they do is present an empty space and then air pressure forces the air into the vacuum..."



Holes in Einstein's theory a matter relative to new discoveries


Matt McClain / Washington Post</p><p>The Albert Einstein Memorial in Washington is a tribute to the scientist’s theory of relativity.</p>
Matt McClain / Washington Post
The Albert Einstein Memorial in Washington is a tribute to the scientist’s theory of relativity.


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